Stator Water Caustic Dosing System

Type: Obsolescence
Scope of Supply: DESIGN ¦ BUILD ¦ DELIVERY
Client: EDF Energy – Heysham 2
Key Deliverables: Design & supply caustic dosing systems for units 7 & 8

Project Overview

Due to chemical control issues with TG7 and 8 stator winding cooling water systems, there became a requirement to improve the pH control within the circuit. The best approach would be through the deployment of a caustic dosing system. pH control is essential in stator water systems to minimize corrosion rates during operation but most importantly when dissolved oxygen transients are experienced. The mandatory requirement for pH control between pH 8 and 9 is now incorporated into relevant client internal documentation.

Why AMS?

AMS had previously delivered a caustic dosing system to Hinkley Point B’s Chemistry Department. The positive feedback from Hinkley Point B was relayed to Heysham 2 directly from EDF.

    Case Studies

    B/G/90 Valve Installation

    B/G/90 Valve Installation

    EDF Energy – Hinkley Point B

    This project involved the design of a modification to valve B/G/90 to provide automatic operation of the valve to overcome the potential local hazards which could prevent isolation of the system if a seismic event were to occur.