C&I Systems Engineering

SRVI & ABDS Logic Cubicles

Type: Engineering
Scope of Supply: DESIGN ¦ BUILD ¦ TEST 
Client: EDF Energy – Dungeness B
Key Deliverables: Delivery of ABDS Logic Cubicles and SRVI Valve Isolation System Cubicles.

Project Overview

The Dungeness B (DNB) boiler lifetime project aims to extend the safe operational life of DNB by mitigating the effects of Boiler Tube Leaks (BTL). The Automatic Boiler Depressurisation System (ABDS) and Reactor Safety Relief Valve Isolation (SRVI) System were two of the three modifications being prioritised for immediate implementation at DNB. This project was the third phase of the ABDS/ SRVI systems to be delivered by AMS and provides the control logic for these two systems.

Why AMS?

The ABDS and SRVI cubicles have been successfully installed in their final locations at Dungeness and AMS has completed the Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) of these logic cubicles and valve isolation system.

AMS have a long and successful project portfolio with EDF Energy (Barnwood); notwithstanding familiarity with EDF procedures and the relevant experience there remains a great deal of trust and understanding between EDF Energy and AMS.

    Case Studies

    B/G/90 Valve Installation

    B/G/90 Valve Installation

    EDF Energy – Hinkley Point B

    This project involved the design of a modification to valve B/G/90 to provide automatic operation of the valve to overcome the potential local hazards which could prevent isolation of the system if a seismic event were to occur.