C&I Systems Engineering

IFD Control Room Pneumatic Panel

Type: Obsolescence
Scope of Supply: DESIGN ¦ BUILD ¦ TEST ¦ DELIVER
Client: EDF Energy – Hinkley Point B
Key Deliverables: Replacement IFD Pneumatic Panel

Project Overview

The IFD operating cell had a large pneumatic system that was used to operate manipulators and handling equipment within the inner cell. This system was originally plumbed using nylon pipework (Polypenco Pipe) which was beginning to show signs of degradation, increasing operator burden, increasing maintenance routines and potentially rendering the IFD cell inoperable. AMS undertook a site survey and produced a detailed P&ID of the existing system before completing the detailed design, build, installation and commissioning activities.

Why AMS?

AMS has extensive experience in the nuclear industry with pneumatic control systems, especially at HPB. AMS had already delivered numerous pneumatics projects to the customer with satisfactory results.

    Case Studies

    B/G/90 Valve Installation

    B/G/90 Valve Installation

    EDF Energy – Hinkley Point B

    This project involved the design of a modification to valve B/G/90 to provide automatic operation of the valve to overcome the potential local hazards which could prevent isolation of the system if a seismic event were to occur.