C&I Systems Engineering

EMI/ RFI Resilience – Survey & Recommendations

Type: Optioneering
Client: Hunterston B, Dungeness B, Hinkley Point B, Heysham 1
Key Deliverables: Optioneering report

Project Overview

The Electromagnetic Interference / Radio Frequency Interference (EMI/RFI) Safety Case programme is required to provide a level of cabinet modification advice to the fleet of Advanced Gas cooled Reactor (AGR) stations. The safety case programme has identified several cabinets at each station that will benefit from modification to increase resilience to the EMI/RFI hazard on site. AMS will undertake detailed site walk downs of the required stations and produce optioneering reports providing recommendations for the individual panel modifications to improve cabinet RFI resilience.

Why AMS?

As a C&I design and build company AMS have extensive practical, technical knowledge and expertise for carrying out technical surveys.

    Case Studies

    B/G/90 Valve Installation

    B/G/90 Valve Installation

    EDF Energy – Hinkley Point B

    This project involved the design of a modification to valve B/G/90 to provide automatic operation of the valve to overcome the potential local hazards which could prevent isolation of the system if a seismic event were to occur.